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    20 Things That Didn't Totally Suck About 2020 In India

    A few good things that happened amidst a year of tragedy and chaos.

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    1. This Chattisgarh teacher brought education to the doorstep of these children by travelling on his bike with a blackboard strapped to it and holding mohalla classes. Students who were unable to join online classes could study because of his efforts.

    Meet Rudra Rana ji, a government school teacher in #Chhattisgarh who travels on his bike with a blackboard strapped around it to educate children through ''mohalla'' classes, bringing school to their doorstep in this time of pandemic.Salute 🙏 @hvgoenka @ipskabra @AwanishSharan

    2. In Kerala, community kitchens were set up across various districts and people came forward to help in cooking, in order to distribute food packages to people everyday — in the middle of a nationwide lockdown.

    Photos from Kerala ♥️ Community Kitchen for all in Each Panchayat. #COVID19 Food available for all.

    3. Ngurang Meena set up a free roadside self-help library in Arunachal Pradesh to encourage the love of reading and to provide access to books to those who are unable to develop a reading habit.

    Power of words can change the world. Meet 30yrs old #NgurangMeena from #ArunachalPradesh’s Nirjuli. She has set up a #SelfHelp roadside #library to encourage a love for #reading, improve written & verbal communication skills in youth. She herself invested Rs 20,000 for this.

    4. Lakyntiew Syiemlieh, a 50-year-old grandmother from Meghalaya, who dropped out of school in 1988, cleared the class 12 board examinations 32 years later, after she discovered her love for re-learning.

    There is no age limit to 'Learning.' Lakyntiew Syiemlieh, a 50-year-old working mother, just proved it. I am so glad to hear that she recently cleared her class XII board exams after a gap of 30 yrs. What an inspiration! Congratulations!👏

    5. And this 90-year-old grandmother from Kerala won hearts by learning how to use a laptop and proving that acquiring new skills does not stop at a certain age.

    6. This brave doctor risked his own life and went back to work to save the life of an elderly COVID-19 patient.

    Unbelievable commitment. On oxygen support himself for Covid-19, anaesthetist Dr Sanket Mehta went back to work just to save the life of an elderly patient. Absolute hero!

    7. And this retiring warrior dad resumed his COVID-19 duty.

    Appreciation post That is my father . He is currently serving on the frontline of Covid 19 . He was retiring this year in march and he was not happy. A day before his retirement he got a letter saying he was posted for the "COVID DUTY" kaeshir paeth. He at once resumed . 1/n

    8. Patients and other residents at a COVID-19 centre in Kerala organised a surprise party for a bride who missed her nikah ceremony after being hospitalised at the centre.

    Bride Misses Nikah, So Patients At Covid Centre Celebrate With Her. Watch A Covid care centre in Kerala erupted into celebrations on Thursday to cheer up a bride missing her own nikah ceremony. Nineteen-year-old Faziya was admitted to the Covid centre se…

    9. This couple from Odisha made 2020 a lot more pawsitive as they celebrated their wedding feast by arranging for a special meal for about 500 stray dogs.

    Meet Bhubhenswar couple Eureka & Joana who treated 500 stray dogs as a celebration for their wedding. Paw My God 🥰😍 #ThatsTheSpirit on #919FriendsFM #Kolkata #CheersKolkata #RjSmriti

    10. Twitter users came together to help an elderly man selling saplings in Bengaluru and doubled his sales after a tweet urging people to buy his plants went viral.

    Meet Revana Siddappa, an old man, who sells plants at Kanakapura road near Sarakki Signal, Karnataka. Price of these plants are from Rs 10-30 On one hand he hold umbrella to save himself from sunlight Plz support this man. @ParveenKaswan @ActorMadhavan @KanchanGupta @SonuSood

    11. An airline crew helped deliver a baby boy mid-air and welcomed the mother and the baby in the most heartwarming manner possible.

    A baby boy was born on board Indigo flight from Delhi to Bangalore today. In all likely baby is getting life long free @IndiGo6E free ticket. Great work by Indigo crew today. Kudos to the team @IndiaToday

    12. 2020 was when the city of Mumbai, with its big hearted-people, came to the aid of a vegetable vendor from Bhendi Bazaar, who opened his shop for the first time since the lockdown, only to have it shut because of the flooding. He is now debt-free because of their help.

    Good news. He has two lakhs in his account & can pay off debts. Thank you @MumbaiMirror for highlighting this story🙏

    13. It was when this farmer took to Twitter to talk about his crop and investment going to waste because of the lack of buyers and support immediately poured in from individuals and start-ups, thereby saving his efforts from going down the drain.

    I tweeted on 18th April seeking help to harvest my100 tons of cabbage in 3.5 acres.@WayCoolFoods immediately responded and bought 8mt tons. Today last harvest of 10mt tons done for them. My hearty appreciation & thanks to them I Look forward to do business with @WayCoolFoods ❣️

    14. It was also when the city of Kozhikode witnessed a devastating plane crash and several people from the neighbouring areas helped in the evacuation of the passengers despite the torrential rainfall and the fear of a deadly virus.

    The experience of a young doctor I know about how prepared everyone was in hospitals the moment news of the #KozhikodePlaneCrash was received. From the locals who first turned up at the scene to the doctors, so many heroes were there that night. Link -

    15. 2020 was when we were introduced to this husband of the century.

    His wife died three years ago. So when their dream house was completed, businessman Srinivas Gupta from Koppal got her statue made to make sure she's there for the housewarming ceremony.

    16. It was also the year in which this adorable kid simply wanted you to s̶a̶b̶a̶c̶a̶r̶i̶b̶e̶ ̶s̶a̶r̶a̶c̶a̶r̶i̶b̶e̶ subscribe to his channel.

    I want to SUBSCRIBE his YouTube channel 😂

    17. 2020 was when these best friends reunited and left us feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.

    I had a best friend when I was 4 but we lost touch after nursery. Years later, I tried looking for her but remembered her name incorrectly. Yesterday, a friend texted and I found out we were in the same preschool. She knew the girl I was searching for. Suhana mil gayi!

    18. It was the year when we learnt about these wonderful children our parents would gladly trade us for.

    Since yesterday, I am wedded to my phone and my laptop. Hours long phone conversations and endless online meetings. Just now finished with another online meeting and was presented this. And to imagine I have been ignoring my kids so much these days. Kids=love, care, hope.

    19. We met these adorable dancers in 2020.

    20. And finally, we were blessed with a gem called Yashraj Mukhate, who gave us "Rasode Mein Kaun Tha" and started the best meme fest of 2020.