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15 Ways To Grow Out Your Bangs And Still Look Cute AF

Cutting bangs wouldn't be as big of a deal if you knew what to do when your done with them. Here are hairstyles that will help the process.

Growing out bangs is can be an incredibly frustrating issue. It feels like it's never ending hair-in-your-face awkwardness. But the real trick is intentionally styling throughout the grow-out phase.

1. This flared-out style helps keep the bangs out of your face in a sort of Farrah Fawcett-y way that still shows them off a bit. / Via Instagram: @dalybeauty

Take a round brush and hair dryer and wrap the long bangs around it, rotating it counter clockwise and out to get the hair to flip this way.

2. Super high top knots are great for keeping bangs back and up out of your face. / Via Instagram: @hair_by_rayking

To keep hair as sleek as possible, use a gel or cream and comb it through the front pieces before pulling up into the bun.

3. For a cool, laid-back style, try parting your fringe and pushing to the side. This will keep it out of your face and take minimal effort. / Via Instagram: @sugoimeg

To give it some style, add some bends to them with a straightener or curling iron.

4. A halo braid works really well as a ~fancy updo~ when you want to keep your bangs back at an event. / Via Instagram: @keziateagle

5. Combining a braid and a top knot is a sure-fire way to make sure too-short hairs stay in place. / Via Instagram: @whatsyourinnerbeauty

6. Here's another half-up top knot that sits close enough to the front of the hairline that you can just pin any awkward-length bangs inside. / Via Instagram: @dancinginyourlove

7. Instead of pulling everything back, do the reverse and pin your curls to the front to frame your face even more. / Via Instagram: @tylauren

8. Bobby pins are a necessity when trying to keep your bangs out of your face, but instead of hiding them, show them off! / Via Instagram: @prckly_prncess

This simple linear layout of these bobby pins make them more of an accessory than a necessity.

9. This sort of slicked back faux-hawk is a great way to push your bangs back in a edgy way that still totally works for dressier occasions. / Via Instagram: @taylorrosestudio

10. Just like bobby pins, headbands are a duh choice. But you don't always have to be hiding the bangs your growing out. Show them off before they completely grow out one last time. / Via Instagram: @emm_mme_

Just pin the ends of them behind your ear underneath the headband to make sure they stay in place and out of your eyes.

11. This is basically just keeping the top part of the faux-hawk and leaving the sides down. / Via Instagram: @vapolaink

Just pin the bangs back into the pouf and use a strong hold hairspray to keep all hairs in place.

12. Just like a half-up top knot, a half up pony that's pulled forward enough keeps all the front of your hair our of your face. / Via Instagram: @aeishaphillipsonartistry

I also love how you can see it tall and proud from the front, giving you a whole Ariana Grande thing.

13. Try a thick braid that runs along the front of your hair line to pull your bangs up. / Via Instagram: @nadiachatshair

Pancake the braid for even more volume!

14. Use a head wrap to completely tuck your hair away (bangs included). / Via Instagram: @xeodoest

15. Do the lazy-but-cool-girl look of slicking back all of your hair with gel. Super simple and effective! / Via Instagram: @ainaleonhair

This style gives off the ultimate cool-girl vibes.

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