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    As A Liquid Liner Dummy, I Tried 5 Dummy-Proof Liquid Lining Products

    Thanks to one tool, I think a thick winged liner might be my go-to night-out like.

    I suck at applying liquid liner. I always have. I've tried and tried, but it takes me forever to get it right...if at all. But with more options popping up to help make liquid eyeliner easier, I thought I'd give them an honest try.

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    It all starts with a user-friendly liquid liner. I have a few favorites from past trial and errors (Surratt Beauty and Clinique), but Stila has been my favorite go-to lately.

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    It's so smooth, sliding across my top lash line in one fluid motion. Since it's so small, it also fills all the tiny spaces between the lashes so I don't have to go back and fix anything, which is usually where I started to mess things up.

    First, I wanted to try E.L.F.'s Line and Define Tape. Scotch tape has often been a hack people recommend for getting the perfect winged liner, but this new pack of 40 strips was created for the same purpose: to guide that smooth line.

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    The e.l.f. Line and Define tape may sound unnecessary, but it costs only $2, making it cheaper than actual Scotch tape.

    I actually really liked using these strips. They wore comfortably, were easy to work with and did exactly what I needed them to do. In seconds, I had a cat eye that would usually take me minutes and tons of makeup remover to create.

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    Get a pack of twenty strips from E.L.F. for $2.

    Next up was Beth Bender stencils, which create a complete guide all around the lid with negative space where your eyeliner will go. Ironically, the hardest part was placing the sticker on my lid.

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    I liked this idea considering I struggle getting a straight line on my upper lid, not just in the flick. However, it was really hard to put on. It took me at least a five times of placing it on my lid and picking it up again to get it where I wanted.

    Also, this one is extremely sticky. Honestly, too sticky. It made my eyes water up while I was wearing it and left an irritated red mark on my skin. So you can imagine how much it hurt applying and removing it again and again.

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    I have sensitive skin that becomes red easily, but the other stickers didn't leave behind even the slightest bit of redness, and they stuck on just fine! Also, my eyes water easily (I can't even have makeup artists apply mascara) but, again, no other tools made my eyes water.

    When all was said and done, I actually did really like the line it created (minus the smudges from my pain tears, lol). And in the end, it did do its job giving me an easy-ish guide to get a straight liquid line.

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    Not only was my liner straight along my top lid, but it was also the perfect thickness.

    Get a pack of 24 from Beth Bender Beauty for $9.99.

    Beautyblender's liner.designer had people buzzing when it launched. It's a tool that looks like a guitar pick and is meant to help get a straight, even wing.

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    IMHO, they have the best makeup sponges on the market, so I trusted them to make a simple, easy-to-use eyeliner guide. Sadly, I was wrong.

    This was my least favorite tool. From the start, it didn't really work. I rubbed it between my hands as recommend to warm it up so it would stick where I placed it on my face. But after a few seconds, it fell, so I just held it against my eye instead. Plus, it didn't really give me a clean line.

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    If anything, holding this on my eye while trying to line it was more difficult then just trying to get a line by myself. The only thing it's good for is to help give both flicks symmetry.

    Get it from Amazon for $16.

    Lastly, I tried a Vamp Stamp, which honestly seemed like the most basic, dummy-proof option for this dummy. You literally just press it straight down where you want a flick. But that doesn't mean I wasn't nervous about using it to achieve symmetrical flicks.

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    I dipped the right side of the stamp in their pot ink liner and then pressed it to outside of my right lid where I wanted it. Then, I just lined the top of my lid using their very small angle brush which came with the ink liner, connecting the liner to the flick to match it's thickness.

    This one I surprisingly LOVED. It just worked so well! It created a much more dramatic flick than I would typically wear, but I kind fell in love with this new edgy look the thick liner gave me. In fact, I applied it to my other eye, added mascara and wore it around for the rest of the day. The Vamp Stamp wins!

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    I actually now keep this one out in my keeper's drawer to pull out and use for special occasions. Even though this is bold for me, I used their Kitten option, which is a bit smaller. There's also a medium and a large for those who like a bigger wing. Options for all!

    Get it from Bloomingdale's for $25.

    Do you have a liquid liner tool that legit works? Tell us below!