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    Unicorn Snot Sunscreen Is Here, Effective, And Sparkly As Hell For Summer

    We tested out the Unicorn Snot sunscreen to see if it lived up to the hype.

    Listen, we're all a little extra from time to time. And at this moment in time, a lot of folks are extra in that they want to figure out how to be human unicorns.

    And would you look at that! Brands are hopping on the unicorn train with every kind of product, right down to unicorn SUNSCREEN. FCTRY just introduced a glitter sunscreen called Unicorn Snot — right in time for summer.

    When I initially found out about this launch, my first question was simply, "Is that even safe?"

    “If the glitter causes the sun to reflect back onto the skin, combined with the direct sunlight, it could cause a ‘double hit’ effect,” dermatologist Dr. Kenneth Mark explains. This is similar to the idea of the sun bouncing off the surface of a body of water or snow. It magnifies the skin’s exposure to the sun.

    When I spoke with a FCTRY rep, they validated this question once again, stating that theoretically it's possible, depending on the glitter. However, they explained that the FDA very carefully regulates sunscreen and the formula’s efficacy.

    Dr. Debra Jaliman approves, saying the chemical sunscreen does provide safe sun protection. Her main hesitation is that the glitter might irritate the skin, so people with eczema or rosacea should steer clear and opt for a regular, non-glitter formula.

    Feeling generally positive about the product’s sun protection, I tried it out during a sunny day while working in the park.

    The glitter didn’t pop as much as I had assumed it would, but to be honest, I was into it.

    After sitting in the sun for two hours mid-day, I went back in to check out if I saw any redness. Of course, it’s not the most scientific test (there are a lot of factors to consider) but it’s notable enough. I didn’t seem to experience any burning or noticeable sun damage.

    After seeing how sheer the gold's glitter came out, I was curious what the pink and blue would look like on. After applying one color on each arm, I realized that they delivered some underwhelming results in the glitter department.

    Although it won't be my go-to pick for beach days, if you want to feel a little more like a unicorn while you're at the beach, try it out!