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    I Tried Using Vaginal Anti-Itch Cream As A Makeup Primer And It Legit Works

    And surprisingly loved it!

    My name's Emily. I'm a freelance beauty writer with a special place in my heart for testing new, weird, and fun beauty products, trends, and DIYs. So when I heard about using Vagisil as a makeup primer recently, I couldn't stop thinking about giving it a go.

    Emily Rekstis / Via

    Last year, Huda Kattan tried a couple of unlikely drugstore items as makeup primers, including laxative, lube and Vagisil. She praised Vagisil's results, leaving me incredibly curious.

    Huda Kattan / Via

    My curiosity for beauty hacks got the best of me, leaving me to wonder what applying Vagisil to my face would be like. I was nervous to even think about putting something intended for vaginas on my face. But when discussing with my girlfriends, one of them pointed out how sensitive vaginas are, so it'd be unlikely that a cream meant for such such a delicate area would be harmful for your face.

    Still anxious about it, I got a professional take on the risks. "It is probably not dangerous to apply to your face," says dermatologist Dr. Doris Day. However, she notes that it will make your face numb for about 15-30 minutes.

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    The main ingredient Benzocaine works as a topical anesthetic and Resorcinol gives a cooling feeling, but can be irritating, according to Dr. Day.

    Just to be safe, you should always do a patch test on your arm, which I did. When rubbing it in I noticed that it didn't feel numb, but did feel weird– rough and grainy. No way would this work as a makeup primer.

    Emily Rekstis / Via

    It left the surface of my arm totally uneven, completely defeating the purpose of a priming my skin before applying makeup.

    Confused by the texture, I remembered something: the main ingredient dimethicone was the reason Kattan liked Vagisil as a primer. I double-checked the back of my Vagisil box to find that there's actually no dimethicone in it, because Huda was using the SENSITIVE SKIN version. My local store only had the regular tube, so I settled on Monistat Complete Care Instant Itch Relief Cream which had the ingredients I needed.

    minorissues / Via Reddit:

    Turns out, Monistat is also a popular makeup primer. Fab.

    Okay, so let's try this again. Dr. Doris Day said of Monistat's cream, "It's really no better an option." The main ingredient, hydrocortisone, she explains, "if used incorrectly it can cause redness, thinning of the skin and increased risk of infection." As for the dimethicone, "it's readily available in many products including primers that are designed to be primers."

    Aware of the risks, I decided to still give it a go. If Huda (and many other people) tested it just once and found it to be fine, I figured with the small 1% of hydrocortisone I could give it one go. When I did an arm test first, the texture was incredibly smooth and I had no irritation.

    With all the complications squared away, I was ready to get started. I wanted to see how the Monistat cream held up against Kattan's new primer since the product was inspired by this little experiment. So I decided to apply each product to one half of my face.

    Emily Rekstis / Via

    Huda's primer contains the same silicone ingredient, dimethicone.

    Huda Beauty's Complextion Perfection naturally smelled better and felt creamier, but I actually found it to be a bit thicker than I'd like.

    Emily Rekstis / Via

    I'm someone who doesn't like when I can tell I'm wearing makeup, which is why I lean towards really lightweight, breathable foundations. With this primer though, it felt like there was no room for my skin to breathe.

    I liked how thinly and evenly the Monistat cream rubbed across the surface of my face. It felt less like I was wearing a mask.

    Emily Rekstis / Via

    I couldn't really see much of a difference when I only had the primers on, but I didn't love how greasy the Huda Beauty primer looked on its own. Once I applied my foundation though, I instantly knew which one I preferred – the vagina cream.

    Emily Rekstis / Via

    I always use my hands to apply foundation, and this time was no different. The Monistat cream left a smooth surface that made it easy to rub my lightweight foundation onto. I felt like with the Huda Beauty primer, you clearly see the foundation balling up in certain areas.

    Even though I liked it, I probably won't use the Monistat cream as a primer again just because of the possible risk factor. But throughout the whole process I felt like I learned a lot. Mostly about vagina creams, but still good to know!