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15 Signs You Like Friends Better Than Your Actual Friends

Are you a total Friends fiend?

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1. You would rather stay in on a Friday night watching Ross and Rachel break up and get back together than go out with your real friends.

2. You've seen every episode. At least five times.

3. You often quote friends in regular daily conversations. "You're my lobster."

4. You day dream about moving to New York and actually being able to live in the apartment Monica and Rachel somehow managed to afford.

5. You look at your friends and tell them which cast member they are. "You're definitely the Phoebe of our group."

6. You wish you had a best friend of the opposite sex that you will eventually grow to love and marry like Monica and Chandler.

7. Whenever you feel slightly sad, you like to turn on Friends and forget the world exists.

8. Every time someone says "I'll be there for you," you respond with "when the rain starts to fall."

9. You've considered dropping out of college and becoming a waitress in New York City, because…it worked out for Rachel, right?

10. You secretly have a crush on Chandler in the beginning seasons when everyone else thought he was gay…admit it, he was kind of hot.

11. You do not trust Italian guys with orange cats.

12. Or Orthodontists.

13. You wonder what would have happened if Monica had married Richard and Chandler had married Janice….yikes.

14. You had a love/hate relationship with Netflix putting Friends on the website, because you own all ten seasons on DVD, but now you can watch it without getting up and changing the disc.

15. You just genuinely wished they were your friends, instead of your actual friends. (Let's hope not, but maybe combine the two and become one big group of friends).

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