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Here's How Much Money Everyone Gets From College Sports

College sports is big business. Make sure you educate yourself on the injustice taking place in colleges everywhere by watching the premiere of $chooled: The Price of College Sports, October 16, on EPIX.

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It's common for colleges and universities to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on stadium upgrades.

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In 2010, Michigan spent $226 million to upgrade the Big House while Texas A&M has plans to spend upwards of $450 million for a stadium overhaul.

The guys who make it all work: the college athletes. They take home $0.

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Instead, they're promised a free education. Yet unlike a normal college experience, they're forced to miss months of school at a time and end up taking paper classes just to get passable grades. If they get injured, the scholarship goes away and they're not entitled to any workers' comp. Seems like a one-sided deal.

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