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11 Things That College Athletes Aren't Allowed To Do

Is there anything more rewarding than life as a college athlete? Make sure you educate yourself on the injustice taking place in colleges everywhere by watching the premiere of $chooled: The Price of College Sports, October 16, on EPIX.

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4. Send a paper to a tutor who then revises the grammatical errors.

Brian Lane Winfield Moore / Via Flickr: doctabu

The athletic department will provide tutors to help you manage your schoolwork and football schedule. Just make sure you don't actually use them.

Sorry Devon.

5. Using prescribed ADHD medication for studying.

mer chau / Via Flickr: merchau

That's a banned substance in the NCAA sports world. Sure we tell you you're here for an education, but that's only if it doesn't interfere with sports.

via NCAA Rules.

6. Accept any prizes from independent competitions in a similar sport. / Via Flickr: 24218656@N03

Like if you run cross country for the school and then you participate in a city-wide 10k race and win a prize, you're not allowed to accept it because your legs are already under contract for $0.

via NCAA Rules.

9. Collect workers' comp for being paralyzed while playing the sport that's making the school millions of dollars.

http://carlos.a.martinez / Via Flickr: kumanday

"Remember? You work for us... but not the type of work where we are responsible for your health or anything."

Kent Waldrep tried and failed.

10. Accept a taco from your millionaire coach after you tell him that despite having school paid for, you come from a poor neighborhood and still don't have enough money to eat.

stevendepolo / Via Flickr: stevendepolo

Sure the coach makes buckets of money, but feeding you would cross the line.

Just ask Arian Foster.

11. Earn as much as a penny off of the video game companies that are making millions with your likeness.

iantmcfarland / Via Flickr: pedestrianrex

"How dare you try to make money off of your own likeness. That's OUR likeness of you."

At least this one is making progress.

"Remember, student-athletes, your compensation is the joy received from representing your university. Our joy is in the form of enormous financial gain through your labor."

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