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OMG, You Can Grab "ARK: Survival Evolved" For Free On PC 'Til June 18

Meaning you've got your hibernation plans sorted.

PSA: Australia — it's time to emerge from your blankets and put aside your winter comforts, because the geniuses over at Epic Games Store have a new way for you to spend the chilly months.

The completely captivating game, "ARK: Survival Evolved", is being released for free on PC — yes, you heard me, free!

If you've ever been interested in the mythical, the majesty of dinosaurs or your own ability to survive — this game is 100% the one you've been looking for.

In "ARK: Survival Evolved" the world is what you make of it — starting out on a deserted island, you have to forage for your food, build your shelter and prepare for attacks from other people or dinos.

In this game you don't just survive, but thrive. You can build an empire by teaming up with other players as well as taming your favourite dinosaurs or mythological creatures.

And of course, there is the action side of it — so you can keep your fighting skills sharp.

So instead of mulling around inside, test yourself in "ARK: Survival Evolved" — it's just waiting to be explored.

Grab "ARK: Survival Evolved" free on PC until June 18. Download it now and it’s yours to keep forever. Only on the Epic Games Store. Sign up for an account here!