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    • eowyne

      #1 made me laugh. Some day, when (or if) that girl stops havingaCOMPLETELY egocentric view of the world, this picture is going to come back to haunt her. The rest just made me completely angry. So marriage is all about procreation? What about infertile couples, or elderly couples, or couples who don’t want children? Marriage isareligious institution only? What about the elderly woman who got stuck with over $300,000 in estate taxes after her life partner died (which actually happens frequently)? What about the thousands of other rights that married couples have that domestic partnerships don’t offer? And what of ATHEISTS who want to get married? No church hasamonopoly on marriage! Also, study after study shows that it is the LOVE that parents have for their kids that makes them grow into balanced adults, not their parents’ GENDERS! And single parents can raise kids too. There is no government-mandated wifey or hubby sent in whenaparent must raiseachild alone. All these arguments fall apart with evenatiny amount of thought. It’s really, really sad because it shows that these kids just aren’t thinking about their own opinions, they’re just regurgitating the crap forced down their throats by their parents and in Church. WHICH BRINGS ME TO ANOTHER POINT. Certain archaic Greek and Hebrew words are very difficult if not impossible to translate into English. This gets really complicated, but here’s the gist of it: in several translations of the Bible, homosexuality is characterized as an “abomination,” when it would have been more closely translated as “idolatry.” In the time of both the Old and New Testaments, there were sex slaves of all genders and ages, and many cults that engaged in ritual sex, frequently men with other men (and even with children). So in that context, it was literally idolatry. People frequently take mentions of homosexuality in the Bible out of context in other ways. The authors of the various books in the Bible were talking about temple prostitutes, sex slaves, and people we would call “rapists” today. They didn’t mean two consenting adults living in the modern world who want to spend their lives together out of love like any other couple!!

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