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The 18 Stages Of Pulling An All-Nighter

We've all been there. Or will be soon.

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1. You tell yourself that you can get all your work done by 10 p.m.

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It's not that much, honestly. You just need to focus.

2. You open your notes and realize that isn't happening.

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Jokes, it's that much.

3. You get everything ready to go.

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Maybe you'll knock it all out by midnight.

4. You take a "quick" snack break.


Because food is energy and you need energy!

5. Then a "quick" coffee run.

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Because caffeine is even more energy!

6. You sit down, you are ready to go.

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You got this!

7. You write exactly one sentence.

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It's the starting that is key though. All downhill from here.

8. You take a Netflix break.

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And then realize it's 4 a.m. all of the sudden.

9. You write random thoughts to fill a page

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Professors don't read this stuff anyway, right?

10. You glaze over some notes.


You were there the first time the professor said it, this is just review.

11. You look up YouTube videos on whatever you're studying

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...and don't really follow along too well.

12. You chug a few energy drinks.


Desperate times call for desperate measures.

13. You take a shower.


And try not to fall asleep in there.

14. You look back on everything and realize it's garbage.

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"I wrote this?"

15. You realize you don't have time to change the garbage.

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Although you're almost beyond the point of caring.

16. You hand in your essays/take your tests.

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And realize how poorly you did.

17. You come home, feeling more than a little inhuman.

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You can see colors now, thanks to that Red Bull.

18. You conk out.


Until the next all-nighter.

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