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The 14 Stages Of Waiting For Your Crush To Text Back

An emotional roller coaster.

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1. You compose the message, run it by your ten closest friends, and send it / Via

They're gonna think you're so funny/charming/cool.

2. You put the phone down, can't respond too quickly once they text back / Via

Play it cool, don't seem eager.

3. You make sure it went through / Via

If only they had read receipts on.

4. You think of all the reasons they might not be responding / Via

Maybe they're in the shower. Or eating dinner. Or falling off a cliff.

5. You check your texts a few times / Via

Maybe your phone just forgot to vibrate.

6. You put the phone down / Via

A watched phone never rings.

7. You worry that you did something to anger them / Via

But all you ever did was love them.

8. You realize how absurd it is to be waiting on someone / Via

You have a life! You don't need love!

9. You text everyone else you know / Via

"You like me, right? I'm totally dateable, yes?"

10. You consider sending more texts / Via

See if they can ignore your spam.

11. You start doing something to distract yourself / Via

Ain't nobody got time to be waiting around.

12. You tell yourself that you're better off without them anyway / Via

You'll find someone better.

13. You have moved on / Via

Forget them, they weren't that great. You are an amazing, independent person, and love will find you. There is no need to chase someone who can't bother to even text you back.

14. They text back / Via

All is right in the world again.

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