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12 Gifts College Grads Actually Want

Keep your scrapbooks and charm bracelets, give me the gift of sleep.

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1. Booze / Via

Sorry, not want, need.

2. For everyone to stop asking what they're doing after graduation

CBS / Via

I promise, you'll be the first to know when I figure it out.

3. Sleep / Via


4. Someone to renew their Netflix subscription / Via

Now that I'm unemployed, I have time to finish Friends! But no money to pay for it!

5. A vacation / Via

After four years of constant work and stress, no I don't want to jump into a cubicle immediately.

6. Someone to move everything out of their dorm / Via

I don't wanna pack, I just wanna sleep.

7. An apartment / Via

No more roommates, no more parents, no more siblings.

8. And a cleaning service for that apartment / Via

I am DONE picking someone else's hair out of the shower drain.

9. A significant other / Via

The only thing that sucks more than seeing friends getting engaged on Facebook is having to attend those weddings alone.

10. A diet plan that works / Via

The freshman fifteen was real. So was the sophomore twenty...

11. A puppy / Via

Just need one friend who doesn't talk or judge or leave hair in the shower.

12. A job / Via

I will learn anything you need me to I swear, just help me pay off these loans.

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