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Joining Startups Vs. Giants for freshers

Startup or a Corporate Giant? This is one of the most common yet difficult questions which lingers in the mind of every fresh graduate. There is no right or wrong answer. It completely depends on your ambitions and your career goals. However, before taking the decision, here are some of the things which you need to consider:

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Roles and Responsibilities


The roles and responsibilities of a startup employee will be completely different from that of a corporate employee. In a startup, there is basically no fixed role as such. Since the number of employees is less, you need to do a lot of work. From managing employees to writing manuals to interviewing potential candidates, you will have to take responsibility for a lot of work. However, in a corporate, your role will be fixed. If you are an accountant, your job will be to just manage the accounts of the business. Similarly, if you are a business analyst, your job will be to create reports. Hence, if you have a preference for a particular line of work and you want to sharpen your skills further in that line of work, then joining a corporate giant will make sense. However, if you are not exactly sure what you want to do or you want your role to be dynamic and very challenging, then startup will be a good option for you.



If you want to play it safe, then joining a corporate giant will make more sense. Unless your performance is very poor, you won't be sacked. You will get a decent salary at the end of the month and you won't have to deal with any financial uncertainties. However, the situation is completely different in a startup. Since you are basically building a company right from scratch, the risks are extremely high. In this competitive business environment, the future of a startup is very uncertain. Even if it is performing well currently, you never know what is going to happen after one year. However, if your startup does well, the earning potential is also very high. It also depends on your financial status. If you are already burdened with lots of loans, then you may decide to play it safe and join a corporate at least until you repay all your loans. However, if you don't have financial constraints, then you will be in a better position to take a risk. But you get to learn things at startup. Like NBFC License

Career Goal


You also need to be clear about what you eventually want to do with your career. If you want to become the CEO or VP of a company, then you should join a startup. If you join a corporate after college, then you will have to start right from the bottom of the ladder. It will take plenty of years before you get a leadership position such as CEO or CFO. However, the journey to the top is much quicker and smoother in a startup. If your startup is doing well, then within a year or two, you can get promoted to a leadership position. And even if your aim is to start your own company some day, then also joining a startup will make more sense. A startup is much more transparent than a corporate. You will get to know what decisions are taken by the founders and the logic behind all such decisions. Since you will be in contact with the founders, you will get to learn a lot. However, in a corporate, plenty of decisions will be taken without you being informed. Interaction with the CEO, CFO or the other people in top positions is also less.

Financial Incentives


The salary of a startup employee is generally lower than the salary of a corporate guy. Some exceptions may be there but start-ups generally pay a bit less at least in the initial stages. Apart from the salary, corporates generally offer plenty of incentives. For example, you may get free medical insurance, free petrol, and free holidays. There may be some other perks as well. In most cases, startups don't give freshers all these perks. However, you will get a large percentage of the shares of the company. Hence, if in the future, your startup does really well, then you will earn plenty. If you want to join a startup, we welcome you to Enterslice.

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