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    15 Practical Things To Buy Your Friend Who Just Had A Baby

    Here's how to go rogue from the registry.

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    If you’ve ever been to a baby shower, you’ve heard the cardinal rule: Always stick to the gift registry.

    1. A package of disposable face wipes that achieve basically the same thing as washing with soap, water, or towels.

    2. A bottle of dry shampoo for days when there isn't time to take a full shower, which is most days for new parents.

    3. A supply of ear plugs for those middle-of-the-night moments when one partner is tending to the baby and the other is trying to catch up on sleep.

    4. A set of paraben-free sheet masks made with high-quality ingredients that allow new parents to pamper themselves for 20 minutes at a time.

    5. A tub of cooling eye patches that give the illusion of a good night's sleep.

    6. A heated foot bath with massage rollers, vibration, and bubbles that will relieve tired, achy feet.

    7. A pair of cozy slippers that can pass as street shoes upon first glance.

    8. A reusable water bottle with a straw, because it's hard enough to remember to drink water as it is, let alone once a newborn is in the mix.

    9. A Roomba, aka the gift of a constantly clean floor.

    10. A set of rechargeable batteries, complete with a charger, to keep toys and gadgets running 'round the clock.

    11. And a tiny flashlight (or two) so new parents can maneuver 3 a.m. feedings without causing a stir.

    12. A lactation massager that will help parents with clogged milk ducts, which are super common.

    13. A package of lactation cookie mix that's made with blessed thistle herb, which helps boost breast milk quicker.

    14. A Seamless gift card, because a hot meal is always appreciated, even if you aren't the one who prepares it.

    15. And a whole lot of snack packs that can easily be eaten with one hand.

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