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    • enricob

      This is seriously sucharidiculous statement and the ‘evidence’ in this article is so weak. While “You Belong With Me” and “Better Than Revenge” are two songs with problematic lyrics/music videos when it comes to feminism, she wrote these songs before she turned 21! It’s completely absurd to say thatateenage girl talking smack aboutagirl who stole her boyfriend makes her “hate all women.” Do you know how many teenagers are in this situation and wish death on the “other woman”? Being angry atawoman for stealing your man does not make you anti-feminist.  Let’s look at other ‘woman-bashing’ songs by females. Does Hayley Williams hate all females because in “Misery Business” she sings about another woman stealing her man? This woman “hasabody like an hourglass” and is “a whore” according to the lyrics. Much more damning than Taylor’s lyrics. Does Carrie Underwood hate all females because she sings abouta“bleached-blond tramp” in “Before He Cheats”? And what about Amy Winehouse, whose man left her and “kept his d*ck wet” in “Back to Black”? (Meaning he left her and had sex… much more explicitly than in Taylor’s “Revenge.”) No one has ever called these women anti-feminist, but somehow Taylor is repeatedly attacked for it. Everyone who attacks Taylor for being anti-feminist is just showing off that they know the finer points of feminism that they learned in college. Taylor isayoung woman writing personal songs that very rarely cast other females inanegative light. Is it true thatalittle feminist education would benefit it? Based on her response to whether or not she’safeminist, yes. But remember, most people don’t understand what real feminism is and if you pollahundred random strangers,Iguarantee that 90+ will say that it’s about men vs. women. Now you all know that Taylor does not hate every woman and does not believe that women and men should not have equal rights. Get it together.

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