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Crazy Hacky-Sack Guy Shows Off His Freestyle Skills

A video demonstration of how the skills that Footbag players have refined, when transitively applied, are the same qualities that employers are looking for in potential new hires. A FOOTBAG FREESTYLER IS: Extremely Coordinated Committed to excellence Goal oriented Always Improving Self-motivated Dynamic & Energetic Dedicated & Enthusiastic Devoted Focused Teachable Well Balanced Entertaining Thinking Ahead Healthy and Fit Strong Quick on our feet Easily Adaptable An Expert at Time Management Able to juggle many things Thinking Ahead Thinking Outside the Box A Team Player Persistent Efficient Determined Truly Amazing FOOTBAG FREESTYLE (hacky-sack) requires the same skills and competencies that employers desire... therefore freestylers make skilled employees. Hire a Footbag Freestyler!

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