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Questions You Should Ask Before Accepting A New Job

Have you asked yourself these questions before accepting a new job?

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1. Part One

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1. How long is the contract?

2. Are we the Prime or Sub-Contractor?

3. What happens when the contract ends?

4. What are the chances of the contract being extended?

5. How long are contractors usually on the bench between projects? Is bench time paid? How long will you let someone stay on the bench before you “let them go”?

6. Will I need to be on-call at all?

7. Who would be my “boss”?

8. What Is An Average Workday Like For Someone In This Position?

9. Am I required to travel? If so how many hours per week/month/year?

10. What will the first weeks/months look like in terms of introduction to new procedures/the working environment in general?

11. If it is a fixed-term contract: is a renewal possible/wanted (given that everything goes well)?

12. Are there any activities outside of the job for teambuilding/getting to know your coworkers?

13. Will I be allowed to work remotely if needed?

14. What are the core hours?

15. What do I need to do to be considered successful in this position?

2. Part Two

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1. Are benefits available (medical/dental/LTD/STD/life/AD&D/vision), and how long before they take effect? What are the deductibles and premiums?

2. Is there a sign-on bonus?

3. Is there a 401k? Does the employer match?

4. Is there stock options?

5. Is there any monthly/yearly bonus?

6. Are there promotions?

7. Are there Annual reviews?

8. What is the official company paid holidays? I have other religious holidays that fall outside of these, will you grant them?

9. Will I be reimbursed if I have to pay for parking?

10. Does the company reimburse for mileage driven for work?

11. Do you offer pre-tax commuter cards?

12. What is the pay period? Every week, every two weeks, etc.?

13. Are there any trainings offered for employees (self-improvement/further education)?

14. Do you offer a discount on a gym membership or other perks?

15. Will the company help me with my moving expenses?

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