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    17 Preppy Struggles

    Few members of the mainstream population understand the daily struggles and hardships of the preppy community. When all you want is to live the country club life and look fabulous while doing it, you encounter obstacles that the average hipster cannot even begin to imagine.

    1. Your cardigan collection

    It is a truth universally acknowledged that a prepster in possession of a large collection of cardigans must be in want of more cardigans. Too much is never enough.

    2. Hipsters are taking over the world

    Hipsters are the bane of every prep's existence, and so it's necessary to devote some time to the many flaws of these trendy people

    3. There's really only 2 acceptable styles of spring footwear

    Do they even make shoes other than Jack Rogers and Sperry's for spring?

    4. Cargo Pants exist.

    This is a crime on par with human trafficking. If Heidi Klum can't make them look good, neither can you.

    5. The spring Lilly Pulitzer collection is heinously neon

    Did they run out of dye at the clothing factory and start using highlighter ink instead?

    6. Hipsters who take Macklemore's "Thrift Shop" literally.

    There's no need to look like you scavenged for your outfit. After all, occupy wall street is over. Go back to soho.

    7. Your favorite skirt isn't dress code appropriate

    clearly whoever came up with the dress code didn't realize how few wearable skirts are "significantly past mid-thigh"

    8. You'd rather be sailing

    enough said.

    9. Being preppy never seems to win the popular vote.

    we're still bitter about the 2012 loss...

    10. You can never decide which cable knit sweater to wear

    After all, it's a decision that will likely alter the course of your life. Choose carefully...

    11. Prep-posters: People who try to be preppy and trendy. AT THE SAME TIME

    Please stop.

    sometimes brands try to do this. the result is not pretty.

    12. It's physically impossible to afford all the shoes you want

    This is probably the most tragic fact in the universe

    13. Only 2 stores sell clothing you like

    If most stores weren't selling this garbage then maybe you could shop somewhere other than Vineyard vines and J.Crew.

    14. You didn't grow up in the 1950's

    there was a time when it was cool to be preppy, and guys actually looked presentable. Which brings me to my next point...

    15. Preppy boys are in short supply these days

    Once again, blame the hipsters

    16. Not everything you own is monogrammed

    no matter how hard you try there will always be some accessory without your initials on it

    17. HIPSTERS (one more time)

    I'm gonna drive this one home by saying that hipsters are literally EVERYWHERE. They even got to Taylor Swift:

    poor Taylor. they've lured her in.

    In conclusion...

    So hopefully you now have an appreciation for the things preppie's have to go through. Keeping that in mind, show some respect, and next time you see a prepster, give them a pat on the back of their button down oxford.