6 More Bizarre Businesses That You Didn’t Know Existed

Inspired by Mashable’s article – ‘cause the list never ends!

2. 1. A Husband and Wife Duo Devoted to Waterproof Bibles

Originally manufacturing durable Bibles for missionaries, this entrepreneurial tag-team has taken the Bible under the sea. Printed on thin plastic pages, you can take this holy book anywhere, literally anywhere.

Move over rubber ducky, Bardin&Marsee has the hottest bathtub accoutrement, the Waterproof Bible.

3. 2. Everything and Anything Purple

Purple is more than a color – it’s a lifestyle. The Purple Store is the answer for the purple-obsessed (and there’s a lot of you out there)! Purple hard hat? Check. Purple suspenders? Check. Purple electrical tape, furniture and Christmas trees? Check, check, check!

4. 3. Goat Milk Stuff. Seriously.

We all know goat cheese is an acquired taste, but what about goat milk soap? Goat Milk Stuff specializes in organic soaps made from natural fats and oils. There’s nothing “Bahhhh-d” about these bars. Got milk?Goat milk!

5. 4. The Only Belt You Can Fasten With One Hand

Businesses can grow in the oddest settings. Take Myself Belts, which was founded to meet the needs of potty training children. These novel, easy-to-fasten belts inspire confidence and independence at an awkward time. ‘Cause when you gotta go, you gotta go!

6. 5. Those Shirts Your Mom Wants You to Throw Away

Sometimes you just want to watch The Goonies in your Sloth tee. Luckily, 80sTees.com has got you covered. Whether its Tron hoodies or Superman socks, the 80sTees crew helps keep the totally tubular kid in you alive.

7. 6. The Closest Thing To Being Naked … On Your Feet

Nudist or not, we all love the freedom of walking barefoot. Now you can get that liberated feeling all the time with these minimalist sandals. Featured on the TV show Shark Tank, Xero Shoes are the barefootware of choice for barefoot runners. Customizable with pendants, charms and beads, Xero Shoes will have you walking on Cloud Nine.

What do all these quirky businesses have in common? They are just a small sampling of the customers that use Endicia’s e-commerce shipping software.

At Endicia, it’s all about the customers. In fact, general manager and co-founder Amine Khechfe (above at his office Tiki bar) is known for making personal visits – or house calls – to customers across the United States. As you can imagine, he’s come across his fair share of unique small businesses.

Endicia, the leader in solutions for e-commerce shipping, embraces its customers’ uniqueness, as well as its own!

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