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These Diseases Target Women - But Women Are Fighting Back

Neglected tropical diseases - NTDs for short - are some of the most common diseases of people living in extreme poverty. And they're particularly harmful to women and girls for scientific *and* societal reasons - a double whammy for ladies trying to get an education, pursue their dreams and raise a family.

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Carrying a baby is a beautiful thing. But up to 44 million pregnant women in developing countries are carrying something else: hookworm.

Sabin Vaccine Institute

This NTD steals key nutrients moms have to have to carry healthy babies and deliver them safely.

Women are up to four times more likely than men to develop blinding trachoma, a painful condition caused by the spread of bacteria - which women often contract from the children they care for.

Worst of all, women infected with NTDs can be stigmatized by their families and communities.

Sabin Vaccine Institute

Some women who develop elephantiasis are abandoned by their husbands and left to raise children alone.

If you agree, take action! The Trump administration is considering severe cuts to international development and global health programs - cuts that would harm women and girls at risk of NTDs.


Reports suggest the administrations is considering cuts of up to 37% of the portion of the U.S. federal budget that supports global health programs - like the United States Agency for International Development NTD Program, which has delivered over 1.6 billion NTD treatments to date.

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