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These 24 Guillotine Jokes Are Head And Shoulders Above The Rest

Best known for slaying it during the French Revolution, guillotines are back and hotter than ever!

EN_Fogg • 23 hours ago

Need The Top 19 Political Puns To Get You Through The Day? Elizabeth Warren Has A Plan For That

Known for her whip-sharp wit, firm stance against Wall Street, and her binders full of plans, the Massachusetts Senator running for the Democratic nomination for president in 2020, has inspired a meme. Check out the best "Elizabeth Warren has a ____ for that" jokes here!

EN_Fogg • 13 days ago

Inside Facebook’s Viral “A Group Where We All Pretend To Be Boomers”

This once-small closed Facebook group just went huge. What is it and, more importantly, why is it so dang funny?

EN_Fogg • 16 days ago
EN_Fogg • 2 months ago

41 Horrifying Sex Tips From Cosmo To Haunt Your Waking Hours

Pro-tip: Never ever EVER do any of these things!

EN_Fogg • 2 months ago
EN_Fogg • 2 months ago
EN_Fogg • 2 months ago

Build Your Dream Burger And Find Out If You Had A Secret Twin You Ate In The Womb

Let's go back...way back. To before you were even born.

EN_Fogg • 2 months ago

How Your Old Friend Tries To Pyramid Scheme You Determines Your Ideal Pet

Their oils are essential, and this opportunity is once in a lifetime.

EN_Fogg • 2 months ago

Tell Us How Your Dad Is Disappointed In You, We'll Tell You What Gig-Economy Job You'll Have

Dads are a drag and so is this economy! Tell us how he breaks your heart and we'll tell you what terrible job which shouldn't exist that you'll be perfect for!

EN_Fogg • 2 months ago

18 Hilarious Tweets About Pregnancy To Read During Your Parental Leave

"Is 9 at night really a good time to start a fight with your pregnant wife?"

EN_Fogg • 3 months ago