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Which Member Of The Squad Are You?

are you nina, sid, caroline, emma, megan, or campbell??

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  1. Do you catch feelings?

    Yes bish I catch feelings everyday
    I catch 0 feelings but maybe we can text if ur not boring
    i'll only fw you if ur ugly because my standards r backwards
    Im a bad bitch w no time for boys sorry
    I catch feelings but i keep it real with these boys
    im always cooling it but catch lots of non-serious feelings on the low
  2. Where are you at a function?

    in the bathroom crying while eating the weed brownie bc u dont like chocolate
    curving boys left and right
    wilding out dancing
    giving lap dances and making out with random dudes
    throwing it back
    finding one guy and getting personal w him for a hella long time
  3. What is an annoying thing you do?

    cant make plans
    talks too much about dumb stuff
    pushy over text
    mood is always changing up
    too savage sometimes
    makes bad decisions
  4. Dream mans?

    Prosper Muna
    Prosper Muna
    Reece King
    Reece King
    tall white boy
    tall white boy
    a mans w dreadlocks
    a mans w dreadlocks
    a guy w brown eyes
    a guy w brown eyes
    a$ap rocky
    a$ap rocky
  5. Signature lunch food?

    a smoothie and a salad in a freaking mason jar
    2 cookies and hella french fries from the cafeteria
    nothing bc you never bring yourself any frickin food
    some unseasoned rice/couscous with veggies bc your vegan like that
    a kind bar
  6. Catchphrase?

    off the yeah
    thats wild man
    guys im going vegan
  7. How do you cheer up your friend when they are sad?

    get mad at whoever upset them
    let them rant to you for a long time
    buy them food
    say 'that sucks'
    tell them about a time ur life sucked too
    use comic relief and tell jokes
  8. What is something ppl wouldn't expect about you?

    ur still a girl scout
    u used to be emo
    ur actually hella smart
    u have a soft side
    ur a lightweight
    ur amazing at makeup
  9. What are you wearing to school?

    a lacy tank and mom jeans
    an icy jacket and a choker
    a turtleneck and comfy jeans bc u cant b bothered
    ur maryland gear plus some leggings that show off ur butt
    lightwash jeans and a green army jacket
    something that looks out of teen vogue
  10. Down to spark?

    always! lemme bring my weird ass bottle contraption
    i gave it up for lent
    yes! just not my house tho
    i really want to but also i might just take a nap
    i keep my lighter w me at all times :)
  11. Where r u at 2:30pm?

    home bitches
    yelling @ will to shut up in chem
    leaving for half of 9th pd to talk to faith
    at chick fil a bishh
    arguing w ms. cuadrado
  12. Relationship status?

    snapchatting older guys who things never work out w
    everyone thinks ur cute but ur never in a relationship :/
    oops i dropped all my hoes bc i got bored
    continually rejecting cute guys for NO REASON
    texting northwood boys
    flirting w all my legs

Which Member Of The Squad Are You?

You got: Caroline

You are funny, outgoing, and never afraid to voice your opinion. You eat salad out of a freaking mason jar and your dancing is wild. You can always make a friend feel better with ur humor. You used to be emo which is evident in ur attraction to white boys who look on the verge of death. Also your response to everything is "thats wild man."

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You got: Nina

Easy going and down for anything, you are a wild child who never wears a bra, never brings yourself any food for lunch, and never catches any feelings. You coined the phrase "off the yeah," which is something you are often. You are super fashionable and living your best life.

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You got: Megan

Everyone thinks you are hella cute (bc you are) even tho you never fall for anyone. You are always talking about tiddies and reece king. You're always lookin cute in one of your icy jackets and a choker. Everyone comes to you to get their makeup done. You stay getting college emails from princeton and columbia but you will be the first to throw it back at a function and you always have your lighter ;)

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You got: Sidney

We can find you chilling in your maryland gear eating a sweet and salty nut bar whilst texting some northwood boys. Your catchphrase is EXPOSEDDD which you yell often especially when you notice your shirt has slipped and you are showing cleavage during cap classes. You love a mans with dreads and you only catch non-serious feelings. Don't let your resting bitch face throw ppl off: you are a hella sweet and loyal friend.

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You got: Campbell

You are the actual sweetest person ever and u always have the SNACKS. You cheer up your friends by buying them food and you always get at least four plates of french fries at lunch. You frustrate the whole squad by going for ugly boys and rejecting hot upperclassman (also you hate chocolate??). Your house is always the move even tho your siblings are hip to your shady ass closet....

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You got: Emma

You are the squad mom! You are great at listening to ppl and letting them rant to you. Ppl love you because you seem super sweet and innocent but the squad knows that you're savage on the low. Catch you in ur fav turtleneck eating couscous whilst obsessing over prosper muna's eyebrows. You have fun flirting w your legs but you always keep it real. You talk a lot of shit about your dog but will fight caroline if she tries to compare him to an old man

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