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    9 Reasons Why You Should Visit The Canadian Side Of Niagara Falls

    If you have been to the American side of Niagara Falls, there are 9 more reasons why you should also visit the Canadian side. And if you are already in Canada and have not visited the Falls yet, you are one of the lucky ones to be on the cooler side of the border. Let's dive in, eh?

    1. The Real Falls View

    A cup of coffee and the horseshoe falls view from the hotel room.

    2. Clifton Hill

    3. Skylon Tower

    American Falls view from the observatory deck

    4. Beer Samples

    6 different style beer samples

    5. WeGo

    48-hour WeGo pass card

    6. Incline Railway

    Picture of Incline Railway and Horseshoe

    Attractions in Niagara Falls deserve a standalone article, but I'll throw in my top 3 attractions in the rest of the list:

    7. Niagara Sky Wheel

    8. WildPlay Zipline to the Falls

    9. Whirlpool Aero Car

    Picture of Aero Car and Niagara Whirlpool (part of Niagara River)

    There are many more cool things you can do in the Canadian Niagara Falls. So, what are your favorite ones? Or, if you haven’t been there yet, which of these would you like to try? Let's chat in the comments and share it with others who want to see this!