8 Filipino Cocktail Recipes To Make In Your Next Inuman

Filipino mixology giant and Passion Collaborator Kalel Demetrio shares his uniquely Pinoy cocktail recipes so your next inuman is gonna get lit. Step out of the comfort zone and ditch that gin-pom!

Kris Andres • One month ago

20 Contenders For South Korea's Summer Song Of 2012

Bubble Pop was the runaway winner last year, but the competition is tougher this time around!

Kris Andres • 5 years ago

Playtime During Typhoon Nesat

These people are idiots. As Manila's coastline is being hit with a storm surge from Typhoon Nesat, some Filipinos would rather get into the action instead of running away from the danger.

Kris Andres • 6 years ago

The Cheapest Solar-Powered Light Bulb Ever

Electricity in the Philippines is the most expensive in Asia and solar panels are much more costly. Isang Litrong Liwanag (A Liter of Light), a project of a non-profit group, provides a much cheaper alternative.

Kris Andres • 6 years ago