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The Most Important Cuttlefish GIF You'll See All Day. Or Ever.

Look at the cute, hungry cuttlefish hovering there and then...OMG.

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Watch the Video

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New England Aquarium / Via

The full slow-motion video was shot at 500 frames per second. Per second! Watch the cuttlefish feeding as well as changing color.

Learn how this video was made.

But wait, there's more!

Washington Post / Via

They change color

Marine scientists believe they use light to blend into or stand out from their surroundings by using tiny sensors all over their skin that help them change color without sending messages to the brain. Exactly how it works is still a mystery.

See video of color-changing cuttlefish

IUCN / Via

All are threatened by ocean acidification

Ocean acidification caused by increased levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is potentially a threat to all cuttlefish. Studies have shown that under high pCO2 concentrations, cuttlefishes actually lay down a denser cuttlebone which is likely to negatively affect buoyancy regulation.

Pic via New England Aquarium

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