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    Updated on Jul 30, 2018. Posted on Jul 27, 2018

    Entrepreneur Ben Guez Is Savage!

    Laxir is a Los Angeles based Digital Marketing agency that has 2 unique characteristics; #1 is that they claim to be digital wizards and #2 is they seem to have a lot of fun with their CEO.

    ash__photos / Via Instagram: @ash__photos

    Ben Guez is a French Entrepreneur Angel Investor known for his appearance on Netflix’s A Little Help with Carol Burnett. One of Ben’s employees shared their work text messages on Facebook... and he is pure savage.

    Here are the top 5 moments of Ben’s savagery:

    1. When you dare to disrespect him by not getting him his grande half-fat cappuccino with extra foam:

    Krysta Slate

    2. When no excuse is good enough:

    Krysta Slate / Via

    3. When he didn’t let a prospective employee ruin his summer plans:

    Krysta Slate

    4. When every hour is happy hour:

    Krysta Slate

    5. When he refuses to be replaced by Mickey Mouse

    Krysta Slate
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