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10 Rising Social Media Stars Of 2016

In a world consumed by technology, social media is one of the leading ways to get yourself out there. Anyone can make their presence known on social media with the right marketing techniques and talent, as well as dedication and hard work.

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In 2016, there were many people that could be considered self-made stars. Here are 10 of the rising stars identified by the NeoReach influencer platform that you should keep your eye on:

1) DeStorm Power

DeStorm is the host of the 376th most popular channel on YouTube, with more than 1.7 million people subscribing. This host of PUNK’D has a gift for making people laugh and he is also a talented musician. One of his most notable videos is a rap video about solving a Rubik’s Cube.

DeStorm is also well-known on Vine, where he has 6 million followers.

2) Brendan Jordan

Sixteen-year-old Brendan uploaded a viral dancing video in October of 2014 and it gave him his first glimpse of stardom, eventually leading him to an interview with Queen Latifah on a popular talk show. His YouTube channel has exploded over the last year and he has also become a contributor to MTV Voices, a model at American Apparel, and an icon of the LGBTQ community.

3) Bryant Eslava

Bryant started out posting photos on social media and now has over 1.3 million Instagram followers. In his home-state of California, Bryant photographs sun-kissed models and Internet stars, as well as behind-the-scenes videos of his process.

4) Lauren Giraldo

A spunky and outspoken personality makes Lauren shine. This fashionista got her start when her opinions on the Miss Universe incident of 2015, which were incredibly on point, went viral. Her spontaneity and pop culture opinions have earned her the title of Vine and YouTube social media star.

5) Maddi Bragg

Maddi is a 17-year-old from California who has made her rise to stardom on her vlog (video blog). She is known for her edgy sense of fashion and her YouTube channel, which has over 1 million subscribers. Maddi regularly posts about fashion, beauty, and lifestyle and also regularly hosts make-up tutorials and product giveaways.

6) Danababy

Hilarious shenanigans and criticisms of the crazy things celebrities say highlight Danababy’s YouTube and Vine channels. She has a very distinctive personality and isn’t afraid to let that shine. Danababy is also set apart by her unique editing style.

7) Alexis Isabel Moncada

Alexis is known for standing up for herself and others. She frequently tweets about social and global problems, including feminism and politics. Alexis has also founded her own website, Feminist Culture, where young adults have a free platform to discuss current issues in the world.

8) Leo Sheng

Leo Sheng’s Instagram account is a photographed account of his journey as a transgender male. He was listed by the Huffington Post as one of the most inspiring LGBT stories of 2015 and gives an honest look at what it means to be transgender.

9) Bretman Rock

Bretman’s hilarious make-up tutorials earned him his rise to stardom, with 7.9 million followers on Instagram and 1.4 million on YouTube. His fierce attitude, colorful language, and real beauty tips are shown in his Instagram photos and videos like ‘How to Contour’.

10) Raymond Braun

Raymond Braun is a YouTube activist and social media personality, known for his marketing campaign for the LGBT community. ProudToLove caught on quickly- Raymond even left YouTube to launch his own channel. He has made the list of OUT 100 honorees and the Forbes ’30 Under 30’ 2016 All Stars.

Social media lets just about anyone voice their opinions and interests to a wide audience, and develop their own brand of stardom and social influence. There were many rising stars in 2016, and now you are familiar with some of the best. It will be exciting to see what these stars do with their newfound following in the next few years, and which new social media personalities will join them this year!

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