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    Watch Supermodel Karlie Kloss Bake Cookies In A Leotard

    Cause why wouldn't you? It's actually a baking demo video from Lucky Peach magazine and it's delightful and weird.

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    So Christina Tosi of Momofuku Milk Bar & supermodel Karlie Kloss collaborated on a line called “karlie’s kookies™" last year.

    A portion of the proceeds of sales for each tin of kookies is donated to FEED, a

    charity that helps to provide nutritious meals to those in need.

    Now they've made a video for Lucky Peach demonstrating how to make the cookies.

    Lucky Peach editor Peter Meehan says he'll post the recipe on their Tumblr.

    For some reason it's also a workout video.

    And they may have really confused some New Yorkers in the process of making it.

    Obviously Mission Chinese's hipster chef Danny Bowien is hanging out in some tight tights and suspenders.

    Karlie and "Kristina" also look fabulous.

    Brought to you by the always-weird Lucky Peach.

    It's a great indie food magazine and usually only does print stuff. But Meehan says this video the first in a series he is doing with Tosi.

    Speaking of Lucky Peach, now is also a good time to revisit their Essential Guide to Dim Sum, as the Chinese New Year approaches (Sunday, Feb 10).