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    27 Unexpected Ways Coffee Can Improve Your Life

    You already knew coffee was a magical drink. But did you know it could make almost every part of your life easier?

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    1. Use coffee filters to hold messy tacos and pita sandwiches.

    As seen on the Today Show!

    2. Make ice cubes with leftover coffee...

    3. ...and use them to clean and eliminate odors from your garbage disposal.

    Be careful not to put coffee grounds in the disposal, though, as they can clog your drain.

    4. You can also use them for iced coffee so your drink doesn't get watered down...

    5. Or make an on-the-go frozen banana yogurt smoothie pack.

    More instructions here. Recipe for a banana-coffee smoothie here.

    6. Hard boil an egg in your coffee pot while it's making coffee for a quick, multitasking breakfast.

    These instructions (via reddit) are meant for brewing a full 12-cup pot of coffee:

    1. Wash a raw egg. Don't try to cook more than one at a time.

    2. Place the egg—still in its shell—in the coffee grounds, right in the center. A minute or two after the coffee is done, take the egg out (careful, it's very hot) and run it under cool water.

    3. Peel and eat.

    7. Use leftover coffee grounds to help your garden grow.

    Flickr: lizziecow

    Coffee grounds are relatively high in nitrogen, which encourages healthy soil in gardens. They are also a great addition to your compost pile since nitrogen helps turns organic matter into compost. Coffee grounds are especially helpful to acid-loving plants like tomatoes, roses, azaleas and some fruit trees. To fertilize your garden with coffee, mix grounds with water for a liquid fertilizer, sprinkle them around the base of plants, or till them into heavy alkali soil to help encourage earthworms. The only thing to avoid is dumping coffee grounds in clumps since they can mold. Learn more from Fine Gardening and Science Daily.

    8. Decorate coffee filters with food coloring to make fun bowls for snacks.

    9. Of course, plain coffee filters will hold snacks just as well.

    10. Combine coffee grounds with thyme and water to make a garden spray that deters bugs.

    11. Repurpose coffee filters to make a pretty paper lantern.

    12. Coffee beans can be used as pie weights.

    When you prebake a pie crust — which is common for pecan pies, pumpkin pies, key lime pies, etc — you need to weigh down the raw crust to keep it from puffing up or shrinking as it bakes. Coffee beans can help! Line the bottom and sides of the cold dough with foil, then fill the foil with beans.

    13. Coffee filters can protect skillets and china during storage.

    14. Sprinkle wet coffee grounds on ashes before you clean your fireplace to keep ash and dust from flying around as you clean.

    15. Use coffee filters to make pretty paper roses.

    16. Or DIY tea sachets.

    17. You can also make an herb sachet to flavor to soups or stocks while they cook.

    18. To eliminate odor in shoes, make a sachet with baking soda and a coffee filter.

    19. Use fresh-brewed coffee as a marinade for short ribs.

    Recipe here (written for bison, but will be good on any kind of ribs).

    20. Or use ground coffee as a dry rub on meat and burgers.

    21. Cover food in the microwave with a damp coffee filter to prevent splatters.

    22. Use coffee filters to prevent soil from coming out of the hole in a bottom of a plant pot.

    23. Mix coffee grounds with sea salt and oil to make an anti-cellulite body scrub.

    24. Make your own Greek yogurt with coffee filters.

    25. Use coffee beans to hold a candle in place.

    Handy when the power goes out.

    26. When you break a cork opening a bottle of wine, strain it out using a coffee filter.

    27. To get rid of smoker smell in your car, put fresh coffee grounds in pantyhose and leave it in the car overnight.

    It will eliminate any cigarette odor.