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The Raw Brains Taste Test

Watch a BuzzFeed editor eat goat, lamb, pig, chicken, and baby cow brains to determine which is tastiest. Turns out being a zombie wouldn't be so bad. (Warning: This is not a vegetarian-friendly post)

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Then BuzzFeed editor Gavon Laessig ate them. First he started with the chicken brains.

This is a pile of 5 chicken brains.


"Spongey, not very sticky. It just tastes like fat, like chicken fat. It definitely has a chicken flavor to it but it tastes like chicken skin. Really not bad at all."

(BuzzFeed Food editors wouldn't let Gavon consume the chicken brains raw because salmonella is a real thing. So these brains were the only that were cooked.)


Next up, lamb brains.


"Very gelatinous. There's no resistance at all. It's not chewy or rubbery. The flavor is reminiscent of sashimi. You definitely get a protein-y flavor. The mouthfeel is very unique — it's unlike anything I've had before."

Finally, THE WINNER: Calf brains


"I don't know if it's because it's cow or because it was just better packaged than the rest, but it's much firmer. It does have some snap-back to it when you bite into it. Very clean finish. If I had to eat any of these again, I think I'd eat the calf."