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    How To Make A Sugar Cookie Kit To Give As A Gift

    Make sure whoever you give this to invites you over when it's baking time because these cookies are SO GOOD. Check out more food gifts here.

    Sugar Cookie Kit

    Adapted from Dorie Greenspan's Baking: From My Home To Yours

    Makes 1 pint jar


    For Cookie Mix

    2 cups all-purpose flour

    ½ teaspoon salt

    ½ teaspoon baking powder

    1 cup sugar

    1 cup sprinkles (any kind!)

    For Gift Assembly

    Parchment paper

    Printed or written sugar cookie instructions (see below)

    Optional: Cookie cutter and twine to tie it on


    Combine flour, salt, and baking powder in the jar. Put sugar in a plastic bag or wrap it in parchment before adding to jar to keep it separate from the other dry ingredients. Top with sprinkles. Optional: Tie cookie cutter to the jar with twine.

    Get decorating info here.

    Directions to include with the gift:


    Makes about 25 cookies

    You will need:

    For cookies

    1 stick plus 2 tablespoons (10 tablespoons total) unsalted butter at room temperature

    1 large egg

    1 large egg yolk

    1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract

    For glaze

    2 ½ cups powdered sugar

    ¼ cup water

    ½ teaspoon almond extract

    Special equipment:

    Electric mixer

    Parchment paper

    Rolling pin


    1. Pour sprinkles out of the jar into a small bowl and set aside. Lift the parchment paper out of the jar carefully (it contains sugar), and set aside. Dump the rest of the jar's ingredients into a bowl and whisk them. (Fish out any sprinkles.)

    2. Place room temp butter in a bowl and beat it with mixer at medium speed for a minute until smooth. Add sugar and beat 2-3 more minutes. Add egg and egg yolk and beat another minute. Reduce speed of mixer to the lowest setting and add dry ingredients slowly. Turn of the mixer the moment they are just incorporated and don't overmix.

    3. Divide the dough in half. Shape each half into a disc and refrigerate for two hours. (At this point you can leave it in the fridge for up to 3 days or freeze it for a couple of months.)

    4. To make the cookies, roll out your discs and cut shapes. To prevent spreading, put the raw cut-out cookies in the freezer for 5 minutes before baking.

    5. Bake at 350°F on baking sheets lined with parchment paper for about 10-12 minutes. The cookies shouldn't color but should feel firm. Let them cool to room temperature.

    6. Prepare glaze by stirring powdered sugar, water, and almond extract in a large bowl. Dip cookies in glaze face down then sprinkle on sprinkles. Let dry at least an hour before serving.

    Download a PDF of the directions to include with the gift.