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39 S'mores Hacks That Will Change Your Life

Your summer campfire game is about to go crayzai.

This is beautiful.

But know that you have options:

1. You could wrap your s'mores in a biscuit and add strawberries.

2. Build s'mores in a banana.

4. Make Peach, Brie, and Dark Chocolate S'mores

Joy the Baker / Via Wisconsin Cheese

5. Add cookie dough.

6. Dip them in Bailey's.

Created by Jamey Etkins of Dabbles and Babbles.

7. Make a S'mores Ice Cream Sandwich.

8. Make them indoors with a cast-iron skillet.

9. Make a Peanut Butter & Jelly Bacon S’morrito (wrapped in a tortilla, obviously).

Find more insanely awesome food creations like this at The Vulgar Chef.

10. Use Keebler Fudge Stripes instead of graham crackers.

11. Add peanut butter.

12. Use chocolate chip cookies.

13. Or peanut butter cookies.

14. Add a cookies-and-cream bar.

15. Make them cute with a cookie cutter and a chocolate kiss.

16. Use a Rolo and go cracker free.

17. Make peanut butter s'mores turnovers.

18. Use Reese's instead of chocolate.

19. Make pretzel s'mores.

...and cover them in chocolate.

20. Sub a doughnut for the Graham crackers.

21. Use lemon curd instead of chocolate.

22. Make s'mores with Ritz crackers.

23. Use brownies and dulce de leche in between pizelle cookies.

Get the recipe. You can get pizelle cookies here.

24. Use shortbread.

25. Blend up a s'mores milkshake.

26. Sub in white chocolate and add pineapple.

27. Make a PBJ s'mores.

28. Make S'mores Waffle Sliders.

29. Use chocolate marshmallows, chocolate graham crackers, and bittersweet chocolate for the ultimate chocoholic s'more.

30. Add a thin mint.

31. Use Oreos instead of Graham crackers.

32. ...and then add peanut butter.

33. Make easy S'mores Crescent Rolls.

34. Make Teddy Graham s'mores with mini marshmallows and Nutella.

35. Use Andes mint chocolate.

36. Go inside out.

37. Use bourbon marshmallows; add bacon.

38. Stuff it in a cookie.

39. Make a dip.

So now you know.