53 Mexican Snacks With Awesome Packaging

Take a wacky virtual tour through a Mexico City supermarket, thanks to Swallow magazine.

Swallow describes itself as “an anti-foodie food magazine.” Each issue focuses in depth on a different travel destination around the world, with food loosely holding the (very hip, very carefully designed) proceedings together. You can read lots of the fascinating stories they’ve done on their website, which launched in March.

The latest issue is dedicated to Mexico City, and includes an installment of the recurring “Supermarket Sweep” feature. The concept is simple: Collect and photograph a ton of packaged foods from grocery stores in the region in question. The result is a fascinating graphic insight into the visual design language and the snacking patterns of another culture. Previous sweeps: Trans-Siberian; Nordic.

So, if you’ve always dreamed of filling a shopping cart with weird Mexican candy bars and condiments, you’re in luck! Let the journey commence.

1. Tin Larín

Chocolate bar with wafers and peanut butter.

2. Milch

Chocolate bar with a crunchy thing in the middle.

3. Carlos V

Chocolate bar with peanuts.

4. Choco Torro

Strawberry-flavored candy bar.

5. Bubu Lubu

Chocolate covered marshmallow cookies.

6. Paleta Payaso

Chocolate-covered marshmallow lollipop with gummies.

7. Kiyakis

‘Japanese’ coated peanuts.

8. Mui-Bon

Chocolate-coated wafer with hazelnut cream filling.

9. Jolly Boober

Chocolate-covered cake with marshmallow and strawberry.

10. Tuinky

Hey, I know you from somewhere.

11. Pelon Pelo Rico

Chile and tamarind paste.

12. Skwinkles

Chewy, spicy Chamoy candy straws.

13. Mazapán Alnat

Peanut marzipan.

14. Picalitas

Pineapple candies.

15. Hot Nuts

Chile and lime peanuts.

16. Rockaleta Original

Chile, lime and chamoy lollipop.

17. Pulpatoon Bob la Esponja

Tamarind and chile paste. Hahahaha, “Bob la Esponja.”

18. Submarinos Chocolate

Chocolate cake rolls.

19. Mangogo

Dried mango with chile and salt.

20. Donas

Sugar donuts.

21. Lucas Muecas

Mango and chili lollipop (you lick and dip it in candy powder).

22. Barritas Fresa

Strawberry-filled fruit bars.

23. Fud

Manchego slices.

24. Bocadín

Chocolate wafer.

25. Damy

Peanut candy.

26. Disfruta Tamarindo

Dried tamarind with chili.

27. Dedinos

Chile, lime and tamarind paste.

28. Chilipiquin Portico

Sugar and salt with chile.

29. Canel’s

Chewing gum.

30. De La Rosa

Peanut marzipan candy.

31. Limon 7

Chile and lime powder.

32. Lucas Gusano

Salt, chile, and lime.

33. Crayón

Chamoy candy.

34. Paletón

Chocolate covered marshmallow lollipop.

35. Pulparindo

Hot and salty tamarind paste.

36. Ollitas Ricas

Salt, sugar, lime, and tamarind.

37. Rebanaditos

Watermelon and chile lollipop.

38. Huesito

Spicy lollipop.

39. Vero Elotes

Corn-shaped strawberry lollipops.

40. Rockaleta

Lime and chile candy.

41. Boing!

Mango soda.

42. O-Key

Orange soda.

43. Marias

Milk cookie.

44. Tamboreta Mango

Mango and chile lollipop.

45. Panqué con Pasas

Raisin pound cake.

46. Gansito

Chocolate cakes.

47. Rebanadas

Frosted cinnamon toast.

48. D’Gari

Lime gelatin.

49. Weird Spongebob lollipop!

Apparently Spongebob is big in Mexico.

50. Super Cucharazo

Spicy tamarind candy.

51. Maizena

Instant chocolate atole.

52. Submarinos

Strawberry cake.

53. Takis

Chile and lime corn chips.

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