How To Throw A Fancy New Year's Party On A Budget

It is possible, and it's going to RULE. Here are 10 rules to follow.

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RULE #3: If you serve caviar, be smart about it.

BuzzFeed Food is a firm believer in caviar. (Farm-raised caviar, that is. Because many of the fish — especially sturgeon — that provide caviar are overfished and near extinction.) Don't bother with canned, shelf-stable supermarket caviar.

Quick primer on caviar.

1. "Real caviar" comes from three kinds of wild sturgeon in the Caspian and Black Seas: Beluga (best caviar), Ossetra (second-best caviar) and Sevruga (third-best caviar). But you're not going to buy any of that unless you want to spend a ton of money, get arrested, or spit in the face of Mother Nature.

2. Beluga caviar is illegal because of overfishing. In fact, any caviar that comes from wild fish is an ethical no-no because of overfishing.

3. Look for "sustainably farmed" caviar. Likely from America.

We recommend American trout caviar.

In a recent article, The New York Times recommends 15 grams of caviar per person. That means about 5 ounces for a group of 10 people. That's generous.

Black caviar is usually more expensive. The cheapest-but-still-good options are Paddlefish at $120 for 125 grams or Hackleback at $145 for 125 grams.

The best option is trout caviar (pictured) from Sunburst Trout Farms. It's the best bang for your buck; $105 for 4 ounces.

The cheapest option isn't caviar but salmon roe, which is bigger than caviar and about $25 for 125 grams.