How To Throw A Cookie Decorating Party


    Step 1: Make the dough in advance.

    Make a couple different varieties of dough.

    Step 2: Buy a few excellent cookie cutters. Choose wisely.

    Step 3: Stock up on sprinkles.

    Candy eyeballs are pretty important.

    Cause of this.

    Step 4: Bake the cookies a day ahead of the party.

    Step 5: Make a big batch of royal icing.

    Step 6: Obtain as many colors of food coloring as possible.

    Step 7: Figure out your icing dispensing situation. Piping bags are the best option.

    You can buy them at most kitchen supply stores and online.

    In a best case scenario, you'll also have tips.

    There's also this plastic part called a coupler.

    This beginner's cookie decorating kit by Wilton is great.

    But you could also very easily just make a piping bag out of parchment paper.

    View this video on YouTube

    Or even out of a plastic plastic baggie.

    Piping bags get a little messy if you have kids coming.

    Set out glasses to help the piping bag situation stay classy.

    Or put your icing in squeeze bottles.

    Step 8: Learn the amazing and essential "Pipe and flood" technique. It's the best way to decorate cookies.

    Step 9: Gather any other decorating tools you might want. You might want toothpicks...

    So you can do cool stuff like this.



    and this.

    And shot glasses.

    Except not for cookies.

    Step 9: Assemble an army of baking sheets.

    Step 10: (Day of the party!) Set the scene.

    You may want to set up stations.

    But no matter what -- most importantly -- make sure your sprinkles are on display.

    One way or another.

    Step 11: On to refreshments. Your guests may want some eggnog punch.

    Or something a little stronger.

    Maybe hot chocolate is necessary.

    (With marshmallows shaped like whatever cookie cutters you have around. Duh.)

    For a kid-friendly affair: Wrap juice boxes up like presents.

    For a more mature gathering, serve some cozy cardamom-chai tea.

    Step 12: Cookie parties need salty snack food.

    A big winter salad isn't the worst idea.

    Crudités and cheese and crackers are always welcome.

    Should you have a sprinkle surplus:

    Last step: Give your guests a cute way to take their treats home.

    You could pick up some treat boxes from a local bakery.

    Baker's twine makes everything look cute.

    Plastic bags are another option.

    This is a pretty good excuse to buy ribbon.

    Ok now you're ready to host the best cookie decorating party ever.

    And if all of this sounds a little too ambitious, you can always invite your friends over for these incredible treats.

    And this.