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    The Best Way To Shuck An Oyster And Not Stab Yourself

    Amazing kitchen towel-holding technique, courtesy of America's Test Kitchen.

    We all want to eat these.

    Without doing this.

    But that means buying these.

    And using this.

    OMG oyster. How do I get into u.

    Holding it like this is scary and hard.

    And holding it like this is scarier and harder.

    And seriously, who owns one of these:

    OK so here's the genius trick:

    Now you can use the strength of both arms to wedge the knife in, but not stab yourself!

    1. OK SO: Nestle the oyster in the towel with the hinge facing out. Then firmly but carefully, wiggle and work the tip of the knife into the hinge until you feel it snap.

    2. Before you move on, wipe off the tip of your knife.

    3. Now carefully wiggle the knife along the side to fully open the oyster.

    4. Pick up the oyster and scrape the knife along the top shell to separate the muscle from the top shell.

    5. Then slide the knife under the oyster to remove the muscle from the bottom shell.

    Now Make 'EM Say UUUUhHHHHHH