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How To Make A Marriage Equality Cake

A RED VELVET equality cake, at that.

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You may have noticed similar images on Facebook as people are changing their profile pictures to support marriage equality.

The Supreme Court hears two cases this week that will decide the fate of marriage equality for a generation.


Step 2: Make five cakes for the five layers.

Emily Fleischaker

Yeah sorry, five. You will need to make five red cakes and two pink cakes. We used boxed cake mix — three boxes of Duncan Hines Red Velvet cake mix and one box of Betty Crocker Strawberry Cake mix. If you can't find either, you could use yellow cake and add a few drops of red food coloring to the batters to get the color you want — a few more drops to get a red color, and a few less to get the pink color.

Step 3: Frost one of the red velvet cakes, then make a pink cake circle.

Emily Fleischaker

Use a circular piece of tupperware or something to trace the shape of the circle. It's ok to break the outer circle since you won't be using it.

Step 4: Make a red cake circle of the same size, and then fit the pink circle inside the red cake circular outline.

Emily Fleischaker

Cut the same size circle out of the second layer of red velvet cake, taking care not to rip the outer circle. Then fit the pink circle inside the red velvet circular outline.