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    How To Make A Marriage Equality Cake

    A RED VELVET equality cake, at that.

    This is a marriage equality cake.

    You may have noticed similar images on Facebook as people are changing their profile pictures to support marriage equality.

    There are delightful alternate versions of the symbol floating around.

    Here's how to make one out of cake.

    Step 1: Believe that same-sex couples have the right to get married.

    Step 2: Make five cakes for the five layers.

    Step 3: Frost one of the red velvet cakes, then make a pink cake circle.

    Step 4: Make a red cake circle of the same size, and then fit the pink circle inside the red cake circular outline.

    Step 5: More frosting.

    Step 6: Add another layer of plain red velvet cake (we cut it in half horizontally). Then add more frosting. Then repeat steps 3 and 4 for another circles layer.

    Step 7: Add the fifth cake — a plain red velvet layer — then cover with frosting.

    Step 8: Slice into cake and enjoy the conceptual flavor of equality.