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    How To Calm The Eff Down About A Blizzard

    It's called the Nemo Flip Out — in honor of unreasonable snow mania — and it tastes delicious.

    You will need two mugs, beer or sparkling cider, an egg, honey, and butter.

    Emily Fleischaker

    For cider, get something good. We used Eric Bordelet's Poire Authentique 2011 pear cider. For beer, use a brown ale or your favorite dark beer.

    Put 3/4 oz. honey in a mug.

    If you plan to use cider instead of the beer, use 1/2 oz.

    Separate an egg.

    Add just the yolk to the honey in the mug.

    Add a spoonful of butter.

    Stir vigorously.

    Add 1 oz scotch whiskey.

    You could also use regular whiskey.

    Add about 5 ounces of sparkling cider or beer that you warmed in a saucepan.

    Pour the drink into the empty mug.

    Then back into the first mug.

    Repeat, pouring back and forth about 10 times.

    Until the drink is frothy.


    Preferably as you watch the snow fall.

    The Nemo Flip Out

    Recipe by Eamon Rockey, managing partner at Brooklyn's Aska

    Typically a flip is a drink with a whole egg in it. Here there's just an egg yolk, some sweetness, and a bunch of booze.


    1/2 oz to 3/4 oz honey (use 1/2 oz for cider, 3/4 oz for beer)

    1 egg yolk

    1 tablespoon butter

    1 oz scotch whiskey

    5 oz hot cider or dark beer


    Combine the honey, egg yolk, and butter in a mug. Stir vigorously. Add whiskey. Gradually add hot cider (but not too hot, or you'll cook the egg). Pour into an empty mug, then pour back into the first mug. Repeat about 10 times or until the drink is frothy.