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How To Build A Super Bowl Snack Stadium

Granted, this one was super-sized and constructed on live television, but the general concept will hold for your Super Bowl party.

1. Arrange snack-holding bins.

Use bins, ideally with sloping sides, as stands and arrange as the perimeter for the field. We used these and secured them in place with binder clips.

2. Form the outside wall.

Cut extra-large pieces of card stock to form a perimeter for your stadium that is a few inches taller than the baskets' height, then fold the bottom of the card stock to form a stand, and cut slits in the folded part so it can curve around the perimeter of the baskets. Tape or velcro the card stock pieces together and to the back of the baskets. We used four 32x40-inch pieces of two-ply museum mounting board.

3. Cover the field.

Place aluminum roasting pans and baking sheets inside the stadium to act as a field and the end zones. We used these and constructed custom-sized baking sheets out of foam board.

4. Add dividers.

To extend the height of the "sides" of the stands (baskets), cut manila file folders on a diagonal and place one in between each basket.

5. Make all the fun stuff!

Make a field goal out of beef jerky sticks. Make a scoreboard out of a king-size Hershey's Bar and decorate with white icing. Construct lights out of popcorn, graham crackers, and pretzel rods. Use Fruit by the Foot decorated with icing to construct banners.

Make a halftime show stage out of a round loaf of bread, Thai chili peppers, and a mini Mars bar. And make players out of celery and carrot sticks wearing olive "helmets." Smart to do all this stuff the night before so that any glue has time to set — also make sure to tell your guests that these elements of the field aren't edible!

6. Fill the bins to the brim.

On one long side of the stadium, pile all the appetizers: lots of kinds of chips, crudités, and dips nestled down into the baskets in bowls. Then on the other side, build your DIY Sandwich Bar: buns in the first basket, meatballs in the next, then deli meats, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, pepperoncini, and condiments.

Fill the baskets behind one end zone with hot snacks like buffalo wings, pizza bites, and pigs in a blanket (nestle in bowls of blue cheese dip, marinara, and ketchup, respectively). Then fill the baskets in the other end zones with desserts like brownies, Rice Krispie treats, and chocolate chip cookies.

7. Fill in the field.

Use guacamole to fill the center of the field. Spread nacho cheese and bean dips as end zones. We used pretzel sticks to write SUPER BOWL XLVIII on the field. Our BuzzFeed viral badge is made of ketchup, and the WIN badge is made of mustard.

Use sour cream in a squeeze bottle to decorate end zones with team names and to draw yard lines. Spritz the guacamole with lemon juice to keep it from turning brown.

8. Stack food around the perimeter.

Pile up burgers, hot dogs, and sandwiches along the long sides of the stadium perimeter to cover the card stock. On the short ends, pile brownies, Twinkies, and Rice Krispie treats.

Here's the full list of ingredients we used:

Happy snacking!