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    31 GIFs That Perfectly Express Your Feelings About Food

    These are facts.

    1. Ice cream is meant to be consumed every night.

    2. French fries are worth dying for.

    3. People who judge you for putting ketchup on everything can go to hell.

    4. An order of pancakes is a side dish and can be ordered in addition to a full brunch.

    5. Even if it looks gross, if there's cheese, it's exciting.

    6. There is simply no time like the following:

    7. Sunday nights are for ramen.

    8. This is the best part of Thanksgiving cooking.

    9. Baking is magic. And the people who do it are heroic wizards.

    10. When there are doughnuts at the office in the morning, nothing else matters.

    11. There are certain nights when the only acceptable dinner is a box of Kraft mac 'n' cheese.

    12. Bacon is good, but the real star should be:

    13. Pizza tastes better when it's free.

    14. Sometimes it's necessary to take all the cereals home.

    15. A very good burrito is a special, different kind of thing than most of the bullshit that people call wraps and burritos.

    16. Cooking is hard but also really fun.

    17. Spreading room-temperature frosting is deep and meaningful.

    18. Splitting appetizers is very stressful.

    19. Kids really get it sometimes.

    20. Melting chocolate is existential.

    21. Fried chicken is a miracle from the gods.

    22. The only thing more perfect than a Dorito is a Dorito and a Coca-Cola.

    23. Pizzas are single-serving.

    24. Peanut butter goes with everything.

    25. In certain circumstances, sharing is unacceptable. If you really like something, you deserve to have it all.

    26. It's important to eat out alone sometimes.

    27. Because eating is the best.

    28. Food is exciting.

    29. Food is there for you when the going gets tough.

    30. Sometimes you might eat too much.

    31. A little too fast.

    But it's OK. Because: