25 Delicious Ways To Make The Super Bowl Less Boring

These have very little to do with football and everything to do with snaxx.

1. Use chives to turn deviled eggs into footballs.

2. Set a pepper grinder of Doritos on the buffet table.

5. Redecorate the pizza.

6. Make a snackadium.

This one seems feasible. See 21 Incredible Football Stadiums Made Out of Snacks, most of which do not seem reasonable.

7. Instead of nachos, serve TOTchos.

8. Buy more ice than you think you need.

This is just a general rule for making any party more fun: A good party needs drinks and drinks need ICE.

9. Make pull apart bread.

10. Make football shaped whoopie pies.

11. Bake cupcakes into an eggshell decorated like a football.

12. Put a hot wing on a cupcake.

Yes, that’s a real chicken drumette on top. Here’s the recipe

13. Make mini tortilla cups filled with chili and other delights.

Get the recipe

14. Bling out your brownies.

Get this recipe at What’s Gaby Cooking. See 21 Ways to Bling Out Your Brownies.

15. Make a healthier batch of chili.

This is more fun because people won’t feel SO gross, and vegetarians can have something to eat. Here are 21 Ways to Make Healthy Chili.

17. Cheddar footballs, ranch laces.

18. Set up a meatball bar.

Inspired by the Meatball Shop set out a variety of meatballs and sauces with bread, pasta, mashed potatoes, and greens.

19. Set up a hot dog bar.

For ideas, check out Bon Appetit’s Around the world in 80 dogs and other ideas here.

20. Drink a beer + sriracha cocktail

Recipe adapted from GQ via The Kitchn.

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