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    7 Delicious Mail-Order Snacks You Can Get Custom Made

    Enterprising online food companies are offering you a way to personalize their products' flavors, and even give your creation a name. YUM.

    1. MixMyOwn Granola

    MixMyOwn lets you create your own granola mix from a huge list of organic, high-fiber ingredients like quinoa puffs, freeze-dried blackberries, pumpkin seeds, and goji berry powder. The site is easy to use and the packaging is adorable.

    Working out of their boutique in Omaha, Nebraska, the geniuses at eCreamery make personalized pints with nearly any combination of flavors and mix-ins. You can give it a cute name that they'll print on the label, and pick from different three containers. You could even get something weird, like Sea Salt Caramel Ice Cream with Gummy Bears, Rainbow Sprinkles, and Cookie Dough. No one's gonna stop you.

    3. Design a Tea

    Choose your favorite base: Black, oolong, green or rooibos; then add two flavors (like apricot, chai, or hazelnut); then select loose leaf or bagged. Design a Tea also lets you give your customized blend a name, which they'll print on the label, so it makes a great gift.

    4. Custo Cookies

    Yes, there is a place where you can get toasted marshmallow cream and Twix chunks put on a bath of butter cookies just for YOU. It is called Custo Cookies, and while there aren't too many shapes and sizes and flavors for the cookies (also, why is there a fruit section for toppings, who wants that), it is fairly magical. Especially the part where you can make chocolate cookies with mint chips.

    5. SlantShack Beef Jerky

    Made in Vermont and sourced only from grass-fed beef raised on small family farms, Slant Shack Jerky is way better for your next road trip than anything you'll find at a gas station. Choose from four marinades (original, hot & smoky, gluten-free, pale ale), four rubs (including garlic powder and cayenne and brown sugar), and two glazes.

    6. Element Energy Bars

    7. Chocomize Chocolate Bars

    If you have ever dreamed of a chocolate bar covered in sea salt, potato chips, and bacon, then Chocomize's "Creation Station" is going to be a very happy place for you. After choosing a chocolate (dark, milk, or white), you're offered an insanely exciting number of mix-ins, from fruits and nuts to crystallized rose petals. There are also a few options for messages you can add to the bar, such as "Happy Anniversary."