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13 Boozy Creamsicle Cocktails That Aren't Totally Stupid

Flavored vodka is gross and lot of these use it. BUT, I'm a patriot here to serve you on National Creamsicle Day, so let's go.

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The above insanity is a Orange Creamsicletini made from fresh orange juice, milk or cream, WHIPPED CREAM-FLAVORED VODKA, and vanilla instant pudding mix. The problem with this drink is whipped-cream flavored vodka. Instant pudding mix is pushing it, but flavored store-bought vodka is just gross, especially when the flavor is a dairy product. (Add the dairy separately! Use fresh vanilla to get flavor!)

However, some people love flavored vodka, and they are not wrong because taste is taste. I'm a Creamsicle Enthusiast, obviously, so the drink picture above is intriguing. I would try it if it was handed to me, but I probably wouldn't make it. Here are a few I would make.

2. Liquid Creamsicle

Whipped cream-flavored vodka + orange soda. This might immediately cause you to gain 10 pounds for a not-worth-it reason, but there's something pretty fun about the simplicity so I'd try it once — very cold. Get the recipe.


9. Creamsicle Cocktail

Can't decide about this one. Looks kind of gross but that's probably because of the food coloring, and otherwise it commits no major sins. Orange vodka + triple sec + orange juice + simple syrup + cream. Get the recipe.