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Cookies-And-Cream Mochi Ice Cream Exists In Japan

STFU, Japan. This is totally unfair.

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You know those delicious mochi ice cream treats that are chewy mochi on the outside and ice cream on the inside and you can eat them in two bites and they are perfect?

Japanese food company Lotte released a cookies-and-cream version yesterday according to Rocket News24. It looks amazing and I desperately want a million of them.

Mochi ice cream does exist in America thanks to the Hawaiian brand Bubbies, which you can find at many grocery stores around the country, including Whole Foods. But they only exist in relatively safe flavors. There are no junk food mash-ups, no potato chips mixed in, not even any cookie dough. So let's all start writing Bubbies and demanding mochi ice cream innovation, starting with cookies and cream, because this shit will not stand.