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Look At This 100% Cheese Whoopie Pie, It Is Insane

The Vulgar Chef is a maniac.

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Apparently Kyle Marcoux, aka The Vulgar Chef, was so unimpressed with the new Thug Kitchen cookbook that he needed to make something very outrageous. So he made a whoopie pie... out of cheese.

"I mixed some macaroni and cheese with an egg yolk, placed into a small dish and microwaved it to cook the yolk. I'm basically using the yolk as glue. Fucking science," he wrote on his website.

The middle of the sandwich is Easy Cheese straight from the can.

"I'll be honest. This thing was cheesy as fuck," Marcoux wrote. "Just an overload of cheese. I have to imagine it tastes similar to a whoopee pie that was made mostly of cheese."