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18 Things That Are Very Rude

First of all, How Dare You?

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1. This girl greeting her newborn sister.

2. The person who copyedited this well-intended letter.

3. Whatever G-d created this and called it a lemon.

4. The person who decided to sexualize peaches.

And thinks mesh is appropriate underwear.

And thinks mesh is appropriate underwear.

5. When your OCD medicine looks like this...

6. This bullshit candy dish possibly made by an evil witch.

7. This cat with no subway etiquette.

8. This can.

9. This toaster.

10. This fork that doesn't want you to be happy.

11. This hateful chocolate frosting.

12. This evil Craigslist seller.

13. These radishes.

14. This dude who is manspreading right into Dame Helen Mirren.

15. This prick who stole someone's lunch and left a shitty note.

16. This dog who doesn't want her dang picture taken.

17. The person who took the first slice.

18. This "customer service."

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