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Do You Know About Aussie Burgers Yet?

Because it's OK if you don't. But let's fix that right now.

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This is what Australians call a Burger With The Lot.

Also called a Works Burger, they popped up in Australia in the 1960s and continue to be an institutional offering at most pubs, cafés, and restaurants there.


Together they make a perfect combination of flavors.

Pickled beets - Sweet and sour, crisp and earthy.

Runny egg - Rich, coats the whole burger and soaks into the bun.

Pineapple - Sweet and charred.

Chili mayo - Spicy and rich.


Native Australians don't agree on all of the essential toppings for their national burger — but the beets are non negotiable.


h/t to former Gourmet editors Alan Sytsma and Andrea Albin who helped put this Aussie burger on the cover of the magazine's July 2008 issue and encouraged me to try one for the first time.