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23 Best Boozy Lemonades

Lemonade is just one step away from world domination. That last step is alcohol.

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21. Tarragon Steeped In A New Empty Honey Jar (Add Gin)

To steep, squeeze a couple lemons' worth of juice into the almost-empty honey jar, close it and give it a shake, then add water and tarragon, give it another shake, and let it sit at room temp for a couple of hours. Combine with gin or vodka over ice.

22. Shove a bunch of basil or mint in a jar of lemonade, hours before anyone has realized they need a drink...

Macey Foronda Buzzfeed

This is what I do, because I usually have to make 15+ drinks for my boozehound friends. I like to use Simply Lemonade or Newman's Own.

...and after it's been hanging in the fridge for a few hours, pour into glasses of ice with vodka or gin + seltzer.

Macey Foronda

If some herbs get in the glasses, fine, if not, fine. The flavor's going to be there.


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