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30 Amazing Sliders For Your Super Bowl Party

There are ways to make miniature burgers even more of a miracle than they already are.

1. Put whiskey in them.

3. Serve them on waffle fries.

4. Naw, eff that. Sweet potato waffle fries.

5. Relive Thanksgiving.

6. Make them adorable.

7. Make them fancy.

8. Make them healthy.

9. But please don't get carried away.

10. You could make the patties out of lamb.

11. Or a fried oyster.

12. Put pork belly in them.

13. Make the patties out of shrimp and pork.

14. Make crab cake sliders.

15. Put amazing meatballs in them.

16. Or make vegetarian grilled cheese sliders.

17. Make them taste like pizza, why not?

18. Make them on cornbread.

19. And stuff them with eggs.

20. Get ambitious about it. (DUCK CONFIT SLIDERS!)

21. Add fried green tomatoes.

22. Make them with coffee-chipotle brisket.

23. SPAM and quail eggs WTF

24. Use pimiento cheese.

25. Use pretzel rolls.

26. They could also be mini Reubens on pretzel rolls.

27. Make mini muffulettas.

28. Make them with fried chicken and gravy.

29. Stuff them with pulled pork, coleslaw, and pickles.

30. Make them like White Castle.